Who Got The Juice? PartyNextDoor Or Kyrie Irving

Okay I’m hoping I’m not the only one who feels that in the industry people talk to people’s EX’s all the time. Hell, people who aren’t in the industry talk to people’s EX’s all the time. But you know, when it’s a celebrity, it’s pretty serious.

I say that, to say this, the internet has been blowing up since PartyNExtDoor posted a photo of his ex-girlfriend’s hand while in bed with her. They have been in a on-again, off-again relationship. Even though the picture doesn’t show Kehlani’s face her tattoo that reads “WOKE” is front and center in the pic. I mean who else could that be? Right?

We can only speculate. Some would call it common sense, I would still say IDK! LOL

Once the post went viral, Kehlani deleted her Instagram page. That leaves people wondering if her Cleveland Cavaliers point guard boyfriend Kyrie Irving, are still together. I mean worse case; Irving can just wait for me.


Shantaye B./IG:@tayebailey_

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