Who Does Meek Mill Diss On His New EP?

I recently wrote an article on how Meek Mill was spending his New Years doing community service. There has been a lot going on with Meek in the past few months. I’m guessing he dropped this EP titled “4/4” today; Jan.16 to let everyone know that ain’t nothing really going to stop his music.

There are a couple of hot songs on the EP but the one that caught my attention and the one definitely buzzing is the “I’m The Plug” sample. Yes, he really took a Drake and Future song and did freestyle on it. Even though he is a few months late, he revived his lyrical war with Drake.

Remember when Drake asked, “ Is that a world tour or your girl tour?” on the Back-to-Back freestyle? Well, Meek finally responded with “Was that my girl tour or the world tour? I do not know what you p**** n****s goin’ for. This that 100k a night when you perform tour. Swimmin’ in that good p**** while you on tour.”

But it gets better. The Philly rapper also took jabs on 50 about him having to file bankruptcy after previous Instagram digs. On the track “Gave Em Hope” the 28-year-old rapped:

“You popping s*** on your Instagram. S*** that your popping ain’t adding up. S*** that your popping not making sense. I got fifty reasons say your taking dick. And it’s fifty reasons I should kill n****. You tried to ‘money may’ with the paper but now you in debt because you never was that.”

Both Drake and 50 have yet to respond. Do you guys think they will? How do you guys feel about Meek’s EP and what he has to say on it?

Shantaye B. 

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