When Talking Too Much on TV Goes Wrong

As usual, the RHOA cast never cease to amaze it viewers with the catty drama and constant throwing of shade. This time, it has finally caught up to cast mate, Kandi Burruss.

On this past Sunday epsidoe of RHOA, Kandi confessed on national televison that she has Apollo Nida, 2014 Ducati and Yamaha bikes in her garage.

Big Brother aka the government is always watching, especially when it comes to collecting a coin that you owe them. Reports indicates, that the Feds are ceasing any property Apollo owns, to pay off the $2 million resitution he has for money laundering and check fraud. Now, they are setting their eyes on Kandi to collect Apollo bikes.

I don’t understand why Kandi will even involve herself in storing any type of property for a scammer. Everyone knows, 99% of what a scammer owns was purchase illegally.

Not sure if this was one of the reasons of why Kandi and Phaedra friendship became sour. Either way, the drama is becoming extremely messy.

Stay tune!

  • Imari W

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