Watch Pornhub For Free On Your TV!

Are you tired of watching porn on your phones and tablets? Fear no more, adult entertainment website Pornhub has a new app for the Roku set-top box that now allows you watch it on television for FREE.

You will only be able to browse by categories and sort by popularity, however, you can’t see more videos by the same porn star, and you can’t skip ahead or go back.

Unfortunately, if you have an Apple TV you cannot enjoy the pleasures of the new Pornhub app since Apple has a very strict policy against pornographic content.

Vice President of Pornhub, Corey Price told Gizmodo that he hopes to launch Pornhub on other platforms that allows “adult content.”

In the meantime we will continue to optimize our TV version of Pornhub that works great on consoles and smartTV web browsers,” Price said. “We are also launching Chromecast support in our official Android app by the end of April.
I am definitely excited for this, I hate watching porn on my phone. It’s uncomfortable holding your phone in one hand and your toy in the other; way too much work lol.

What are your thoughts on this?

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