Venus Williams Writes Letter To Sister Serena About Returning To Indian Wells

Venus Williams recently wrote a heartfelt letter to her sister Serena in the latest issue of The Players Tribune, that inspired her to play in Indian Wells after boycotting it for 15 years.

The sisters boycotted Indian Wells, after Serena received such bad criticism and racism from her pulling out of the tournament due to an injury.

Last year, Serena made a comeback and was welcomed back to Indian Wells with opened arms and praise, which inspired Venus to return to the tournament.

I might even be the more competitive of the two of us. I think that Serena’s ability to lay everything bare on the court allows her to work through her emotions more easily. For me, though, it can be a more conflicted process. My quietness lets me stew a little in my thoughts. And once I feel a certain way about something, my competitiveness can make me a little slower to come around to the other side.” Venus said in The Players Tribune.

The Indian Wells event happened to these ladies when they were very young, I believe in their early 20’s. I can imagine the emotional scars they endured for years especially in being the public eye.

Congratulations to both on overcoming they fear, just because someone is a celebrity doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings.

Venus is schedule to compete this month in Indian Wells!

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