Update: Judge Rules Meek Mill Violated His Probation And Will Face Jail Time

During his recent trial, Philly rapper Meek Mill broke down multiple times in court pleading for leniency.

According to court reporter, Bobby Allyn, Millz had many people including his finance Nicki Minaj speak on his behalf in regard to his philanthropy work and how much he has changed for the better. Millz, went even farther to apologize to the D.A, for calling her a “bitch” in his song, “Ride” saying it was an immature act on his part.

I’m not a gangsta. I’m not a criminal. I have my queen, Nick now. I’m trying to do better and feel like I can be the best rapper out there.” Millz addressed to Judge Genece Brinkley.

Judge Brinkley was not impressed and ruled that since Millz violated his probation terms and failed a drug test by submitting cold water instead of an urine sample he will be sentenced to prison in February 2016. Millz, has to stay within a five county radius in Philadelphia until the sentencing.

I think Meek Millz is genuinely apologetic for his past crimes, but failing a drug test and not checking in with your parole before making travel arrangements is a serious penalty he now has to pay for. Overall, I feel the judge is using him as an example, hopefully the sentencing won’t be too harsh.

What are your thoughts on the case?

  • Imari  W

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