Together Or Not?

Why am I just finding out about Tyga and Kylie? Whoa! They broke up? On his birthday? I thought they were happy because she was finally 18 and legal. Well, according to, the couple is still an item. Kylie posted a snap last night saying that everyone needs to “CHILL.” A guy was definitely in the snap with her and of course we think its Tyga himself. I mean if it isn’t Tyga, Kylie definitely moving way too fast. So, are they together or not together? I guess we will know the truth sooner or later. Oh, can you guys also take a listen to Tyga’s new song, “Happy Birthday.” LOL. Rumors have it that he was throwing all types of shade, which is what really lead everyone to believe that his romance with Kylie was over. All I have to say is if they are truly broken up, I personally will give up on love.

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