The Slap Heard Around The World!

Earlier this week, a video went viral of a black Oklahoma teenage girl, Aleeyah Porter physically assaulting a white teenage girl (name has not been identified) after she called her a “nigger.”

According to Porter, the girl started with her first but calling her names. She finally had enough of the abuse and approached her.

Porter asked the girl twice, “Who are you calling a nigger?”

Not once, but twice the white teen boldly said, “you.”

Needless to say, Porter, Joe Frasier the white teen with a right hook that sent her flying to the ground.

People are ridiculing Porter saying she should not have hit the white teenage girl since Porter is a lot “bigger” and “wider” than her.

Per Porter, the girl threatened her life first:



I don’t condone violence with kids, however, the white teenager should be equally responsible for  saying racial slurs.

What are your thoughts on this ?

  • Imari W
  • IG: iam_imari88


  1. They both committed a crime and they both should be punished for it. don’t forget the 2nd amendment gives the right to free speech regardless of what is being said, but the amendments don’t condone violence for any reason. That is the law side if it. The moral side is, the teenage girl deserved to be smacked, it’s just not allowed by law. I ‘m a white guy and if I would have heard her saying that, I would have slapped her too.

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