The Grown Justin Bieber

There was a point when Justin Bieber was constantly in the headlines. Getting into trouble, being with the wrong crowd, doing things he “wasn’t supposed to.” You know, things that most teenagers go through but would seem much worse being a celebrity teenager.

Bieber is now in the headlines for all the right reasons. Have you guys noticed how much his whole aura has changed? He sounds like a grown ass man and the things he sings about will have you questioning if he even knows about it. Lol. I’m just saying that Justin has grown up.

In the past thirteen weeks his single “ What Do You Mean” has had a peak position on Billboard along with “Sorry” produced by Skrillex, being on the chart for five weeks straight, having a number two peak position with the biggest gain in air play! You better go Justin!

Blogged By: Shantaye Bailey 

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