The Cape Crusader Saves Black Man in New Comic!

Last week, Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke was charged with the first-degree murder of 17 year old African-American Laquan McDonald.

The next day, DC Comics releases “The Dark Knight III: The Master Race”, which brings awareness to police brutality and racism. The comic was written by Frank Miller, and opens up with a young black man (Squid), running from the police. Squid, encounters a friend and informed him that he almost got arrested by the police for no justifiable reason.

Officer’s exit their patrol car with guns armed aimed to shoot Squid. To prevent things from going terribly wrong, Batman intervenes and attacks the officers easily defeating them. Nevertheless, Batman is soon outnumbered by more police officers as they viciously attack him. Broken, but not defeated, Batman muster up vigor and vitality by forcefully punching the cop closest to him, causing all of the remaining officers to flee.

The comic also emphasizes the role social media plays in bringing awareness to police brutality by having comic doppelgangers of Kelly Ripa and Al Sharpton discussing how a video went viral of Batman encounter with the police officers.

According to Snyder, the lead writer of this comic, “If we were going to do an issue that dealt with potent problems that people face in cities that are reflected fictitiously in Gotham,” he said, “then we want to really put our money where our mouth was and explore something that’s extremely resonant right now, and, I think, tricky, murky waters.”

Batman is often viewed as a vigilante regardless of him constantly saving Gothman city for the greater good. Realistically, the world we live in today, is very similar to Gothman, by depicting racism, poverty, violence, etc. Even though police brutality has been going on since the Civil Rights Movement, I still think its dope the way DC Comics, put a modern day twist to it to target the attention of adults and kids.



–          Imari W