Tasha Smith Marriage Is Erased From History!

Actress Tasha Smith is ecstatic to have her four year marriage annulled from the con man of the year; all because her ex-husband Rory Douglas was a fraud.

Here is the tea:

  • He lied about being a preacher and man of faith, the only thing he was faithful to was his lies.
  • Douglas, was married five times before and failed to tell her
  • Douglas, also hidden his past criminal record, failure to pay taxes for almost a decade and the number of kids he has

Smith good friend, actress Tisha Campbell Martin showed her support of Tasha victory via Instagram, “He tried to ruin her! HE got a restraining order against Tasha, he went to TMZ, blogs and such spewing lines. He publicly tried to defame her character calling her a drunk, said Tasha was physically abusing him? Tried to take her house like he did to one of his other wives.

Too many women fall victim to men who portrays themselves to be something they are not. A lot of them aren’t as lucky as Tasha to walk away with their money, success and credibility.

Kudos to Tasha!

What are your thoughts on this?

  • Imari W

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