T.I. Opens New Strip Club In Atlanta

Last week video footage surface of an audition being held for strippers for a new Atlanta strip club. Well, the audition was for a new club rapper T.I. is opening with V Live owner Damon Cobbs.

V Live is popular in Houston and the pair plans to expand the franchise into Atlanta. Over 1000 dancers from Atlanta and beyond came to audition, only 100 was selected.

According to TMZ, recruiters was specifically looking for girls with “a well-rounded butt, toned body, and tight abs.”

Atlanta is known as having some of the hottest strip clubs in the entire country. Celebrities, athletes and various people in the entertainment industry visit these clubs quite often spending thousands of dollars.

With competitors like Magic City out of the picture due to its recent health inspection violations, I’m sure this business venture will be successful for T.I.

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