Stitches Walking Women Like Dogs!

Video footage has been released of rapper Stitches walking two women like dogs with a fellow companion.

Each women was on all fours with a leash tied around their necks being told to “sit” and “heel” like they are obedient dogs.

Personally, I find the video to be disgusting and degrading on many levels.

I’m going to need for some of these video vixens to get their lives together this year and develop some morals.

The fact that they allowed this to be done to themselves is beyond degrading.

What are your thoughts on this?

  • Imari W


  1. Thanks for posting this, this is degrading and the fact that this dude thinks that he only has no self-respect but he thinks that money can buy anything. Every since I heard this dude screaming I love my N******S, I been wanting to stomp him out (95 gortek Tims with the spike cleats style ya heard). I have no respect for this boy, given the right opportunity, I would mike tyson style knock his block off. Some cats in LA already got at him some, but I want to see this dude, cage fight, hands and feet. I will wash this lame. Putting women on their hands and knees, wonder what his mother thinks about this, or his father if he has one. Anyway, get him to sign some papers, I would wash this chump.

    Paschal B Black

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