Staten Island Baby Sitter Charged With Killing 16-Month Old Baby

A babysitter by the name of Gloria Fields (31) has been charged with second degree murder, seven counts of assault, and one account of aggravated sexual abuse in the death of 16-month old Anthony Delgado.

Fields appeared in court yesterday to give graphic details of the abuse she inflicted on the child, “slamming the baby’s face to the ground” and “shoving a Crayola pencil up his rectum and leaving it there for a day and a half.

Anthony’s mother, Marta (25) left her son in Fields care last week Friday to watch him for the weekend while she settled into her new apartment. She often used Fields to babysit for her occasionally since they lived in the same apartment building.

There are no reports of if Fields abused Anthony prior to the incident.

On Sunday night, Fields called Marta and informed her that Anthony fell on a trip to Manhattan. When Fields brought the baby to his uncle and grandmother that lived above her apartment he was unresponsive. Baby Anthony was pronounced dead at Staten Island University Hospital North.

Medical examiners revealed that for 48 hours the baby was severely tortured and suffered “multiple skull fractures, internal bleeding, cuts and bruises to his face and across his body, as well as internal injuries caused by the sexual assault” of this woman jamming a Crayola pencil up his rectum.

Fields has previous arrest for misdemeanor crimes and confessed that she used heroin multiple times that weekend when she was babysitting Anthony.

According to the New York Times, she reportedly shows no emotion during the hearing.

Family members of Anthony and Marta was outraged, shouted multiple obscenities at Marta and had to be escorted out of the courtroom.

No one deserves this kind of abuse, especially an innocent and defensiveness child. My heart goes out to Marta and her family, no mother should have to see their child die this way.

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