Seven Year Old Spends Over $5000 on Dad’s Ipad!

I am no longer mind blown when I see kids being tech savvy in knowing how to use computers, lab tops, phones and tablets extremely well. I remember when my 8-year old niece logged into my Chase account on my iPhone to Quick Pay her mother $100. Apparently, my niece along with thousands of other children have definitely caught up with today’s age of technology.

In the United Kingdom, Mohamed Shugaa, was tremendously upset at his 7-year old son, Faisall, when he received a bill of $5,767.55 from Apple. Faisall, memorized his father Apple password and was able to not only play Jurassic World but also upgrade the games dinosaurs by purchasing Dino Bucks, without knowing it was charging his dad’s account.

As angry as Mohamed was at his son, he was even more pissed at Apple for not contacting him in advance when they realized his bill kept increasing, “I was so mad. I’m 32 years old, why would Apple think I would be spending thousands of pounds on buying dinosaurs and upgrading a game?

According to his bank statements, Faisall made 65 purchases from Apple between December 13 and December 18th.

Mohamed, fought tooth and nail to get a refund from Apple. Eventually, they ended up giving him a refund; I’m assuming to avoid bad publicity on their part. To a certain extent, they should have looked into this further after seeing such absurd transactions.

Per Mohamed, he banned his son from using his IPad and changed his password.


  • Imari W

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