San Bernardino’s IPhone Hack- Apple Wants FBI To Reveal How

It’s funny how tables turn. Not to long ago Apple refused to give the FBI software that they wanted. Now, Apple needs the assistance of the FBI.

One of the San Bernardino shooter’s Iphone was hacked by the FBI without the help of Apple. The FBI seem to have no intentions on telling Apple how they managed to get through the phone’s security features. Now the tech guys at Apple are trying to figure out what this means for the security of millions of other devices.

I have friends who used to tell me that they couldn’t say certain things over the phone because the Feds were listening or hacking their phone. I would laugh at them and just tell them that the Feds ain’t worried about them. I’m sure those same friends reading this article will be laughing at me now, just saying, “You see Taye, they be hacking.”

A product counsel at security software maker AVG Technologies, Justin Olsson said, “The responsible thing for the government to do is privately disclose the vulnerability to Apple so they can continue hardening security on their devices.”

I couldn’t agree more.

As of right now, they don’t know if the technique the FBI used will work on other versions of the iPhone. There are speculations that Israeli police technology maker Cellebrite might be the third party helping the government, but no one has confirmed.

What do you guys think? Do companies have the right to know about the flaws in their products, or should  law enforcement keep their methods a secret and use it to fight crime? 

According to sources, the FBI was able to incorrectly guess more than 10 passwords without permanently making the phone’s data inaccessible. That then allowed them to use a software to run through potential pass codes until finally the correct one was landed.

The Attorneys for Apple are finding legal ways to get the government to give the specifics, but there hasn’t been any progress.



Shantaye B./IG:@tayebailey_