REVOLT TV Teams Up With Money & Violence Producers For New Series!

New deal alert.

As announced at the Money & Violence season two finale viewing party this week (May 3) in New York City, the producers behind the hit series has partnered up with REVOLT to produce two brand new series.

“REVOLT has a joint venture deal with my new company, Intellectual Property. We’re bringing new content and programming to the masses,” said show creator and director Moses Verneau. “The sky’s the limit.”

Through this new venture, Intellectual Property (I.P.) will produce two upcoming shows for the network, including “My Life According To Social Media” and a televised podcast series, “Brooklyn Boys,” featuring Uncle Murda and Maino.

The series “My Love Life According to Social Media” will take a comical look at the new world of dating, such as what can arise from a single ‘Like’ or the perfect post, words that lead to interest, and more. The show “Brooklyn Boys” will star BK’s own Maino and Uncle Murda, both famous for their candidness, as they break down pop culture, conduct celebrity interviews and more.

“With I.P.’s ability to make shows that matter and the REVOLT marketing machine, the possibilities are endless for this new partnership,” Verneau added in a statement. “We would like to thank Puff and Keith [Clinkscales] for this exciting opportunity.”

Stay tuned for more details and updates from this exciting, new partnership.

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  1. I need to be in one of mr. Moses’ web-series, I appreciate the fact that he gives the everyday natural people I see everyday and opportunity to shine.

  2. Congrats on the new deal MO I have been following you guys since season 1 nothing but success and progress yyou have a dope vision and it’s inspiring keep doing your thing we fucks with your movement tough here in the bay area West coast ????????????

  3. That’s a great and smart move I’m from Jersey city born and raised and I can relate to the whole money and violence concept !! Keep doing what your doing congratulations and good luck going forward

  4. Im so mad that the season of money and violence is over im addicted an i need more soon i hope it doesn’t take more than a year for season 3

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