Years ago, I remember the minimal of plastic surgery women will get is breast enhancements or nose jobs. Nowadays, the majority of females are getting their ribs remove to have a smaller waist, face reconstructed to look like someone else, and the most trending one of them all, butt implants or shots to have a more curvaceous figure.

The hash-tag “real booties matters” has recently caused quite a frenzy on social media among many men speaking out against women getting butt enhancements. Not too long ago, hip hop rapper Wale, have spoken out in contrast to this for black women in particular to love themselves more for the bodies they have and to not get plastic surgery done.

Ironically, a lot of women have argued with these men including Wale for bashing them for the choices they make.

I do not knock anyone for getting “work” done, I have many close friends who have several surgeries and some of them look amazing. The reason I say “some” is because a lot of them get work done that is not proportion to their bodies; such as big butts with very small legs.

I think the more important question to ask these females, is what’s the reason behind getting butt enhancements? When I asked anyone why they had work done, a real answer is never provided. Surprisingly a comparison is always made to a female they desire to look like.

“I always wanted a butt like Blac Chyna.”

“I always wanted a butt like Kim Kardashian.”

I can respect these decisions more if they were done due to medical reasons. But to get implants or life-threatening shots injected into your behind to look like someone you don’t know, is completely ridiculous to me.

Historically, black women has always been exploited and criticized for their bodies. During the 19th century, Sarah Baartman also known as the “Hottentot Venus” was the first black woman to receive international attention due to her medical condition called steatopygia which was caused by a large amount of fat in the buttocks. Under false pretenses, Baartman, was put on display as a freak show attraction due to her large buttocks and thighs. Once her fame has fallen, she turned to a life of heavy drinking and prostitution to support herself.

Even in today society we still harbor the same stereotypes that was afflicted towards us years ago.  I personally call it the Baartman complex, where most women’s alter their bodies to put it on display for personal gain (money and attention).


What has change in society for black women to become insecure with themselves, to transform who they are to become modern day freak shows?

  • Imari W

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