Pleasure P VS Trey Songz

In my opinion, rappers beef via social media occurs so often that it’s normal. But when rnb artists who sing about sex have beef with one another, I find it to be very comical. Which brings me to the new drama brewing between Pleasure P and Trey Songz.

Pleasure P, brought the drama to his instagram page to post not one, but three videos of his recent encounter with fellow Rnb sensation, Trey Songz.  Pleasure P recently went to a club called Tape London to support Trey Songz at a club appearance. When P, tried to enter into Songz VIP section, Songz security guards aggressively denied P access. According to P, he told Songz to come handle his security so he can enter into the section. Per P, Songz, said “yo, its going to be what it is or get the f**k away from my table.

From there, P made allegations that Songz snored too much coke that night and for Songz to come see him in Miami to handle their beef like “men”.  As stated by P, he felt disrespected as a man when he and his former group Pretty Ricky supported Songz heavily when his first album Gotta Make It dropped in 2004.

Nevertheless, there are no reports from Songz addressing the recent allegations and P has since removed the videos from his instagram page.

I don’t understand why celebrities express and handle their beef via social media, when I’m 99.9% sure they can easily call each other.

What are your thoughts on celebrities begin via social media?


  • Imari W