Philadelphia’s Music Scene May Be Changing

Philadelphia’s music scene is about to get crazy. Philadelphia councilman Mark Squilla recently projected a bill that will possibly force music venues in the city to provide full names and addresses of the artists and groups they book for upcoming appearances at the request of local police. Pretty much a pre-screen of rap acts prior to them performing. If all goes in his favor, the police would now be responsible for approving or denying the licenses needed to hold performances, instead of the Departments of Licenses and Inspections, who currently issue them. Maybe they just want to feel safer?

Although councilman Squilla says that this isn’t targeted towards any specific genre of music, some find it hard to believe especially since the idea of this bill comes after the deadly shooting that took place outside of a music venue TLA after a Lil Durk and Gunplay show. Being that this took place in Squilla’s district, it raised suspicion as being the real motive behind the bill. According to the legislation, the approval process would involve crime, traffic, litter, noise, parking and hours of operation.

What do you guys think?


Shantaye B.

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