No Indictment In Sandra Bland Jail Death   

The family of Sandra Bland are scheduled to have a news conference today after a grand jury concluded that the neither the sheriffs nor jail officials are guilty of Bland’s death. However, we are still awaiting to see if the state trooper, Brian Encina that arrested her will face any charges.

For those who are unfamiliar with the case, on July 10, Bland was pulled over by Encina , for making an improper lane change. The conversation between Bland and Encina became confrontational when she refused to get out of her car. The dash-cam shows Encina yelling at Bland and threatening her with a stun gun. Bland was then taken to a local county jail and held there since she was unable to raise the $500 bond. Three days later she was found “mysteriously” dead hanging in her cell with a garbage bag over her head.

We hope we will now receive all the information we’ve requested without limitation so we can proceed with our own investigation of what happened to Sandy Bland,” said by Larry Rogers, a Chicago attorney representing the Bland family. He went on to say that the family plan on examining the findings by Encina investigation into her death since it was originally withheld as grand jury evidence.

There has been numerous inconsistencies with this case from the jail officials and state trooper and I do believe she was killed by one of them or by all of them, when she was in their custody. How many times do we see a white woman or man not found guilty of child molestation even though the evidence clearly shows they are guilty of the committed crime. But a black man or woman gets sentenced to a ridiculous amount of time in prison or shot to death for wearing a hoodie or stealing an orange juice.

If she was a white woman, I believe she would have still been alive.

The story is still developing; what are your thoughts on the grand jury decision?

  • Imari W

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