Nigerian Nanny Held Hostage For Two Years Without Pay!

An unidentified 38- year old Nigerian woman was held captive for two years in the Houston, Texas home of Chudy and Sandra Nsobundu, without pay.

She was forced to work 20 hours (roughly from 5am to 1:30am) with no breaks, endured physical and verbal abuse, denied hot showers, forced to sleep on the floor and eat the family leftovers.

The couple flew the woman in from Lagos, Nigeria under false pretenses. They promised her $100 a month to cook, clean and care for their five children.

Immediately after her arrival, the nanny endured hard labor from the couple. They even took her visa and other important documents to keep her from running away.

The woman was finally rescue after an anonymous tip was provided to an anti- human trafficking organization in Houston, Texas.

The couple is looking to face 25-years each for their heinous crime.

Slavery ended years ago, and it’s disturbing to see our people enslaving their own kind to suffer the same harsh treatments our ancestors endured.

I feel bad for this woman and I feel sorry for the kids that witness their parents disgusting behavior.

Children are easily influence, hopefully they will turn out to be better than parents.


  • Imari W

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