Nappy Roots Rapper Blasts Stacey Dash For Killing His Baby

I swear the holidays bring out high emotions and drama, especially around Christmas. Nappy Roots rapper Ryan Prophet blasts actress Stacey Dash on Christmas Day for aborting their child years ago.

Prophet went on to say that he does not have any kids and would have love to have been able to open gifts with his child. According to him, Dash aborted the baby under the influence of another man she was dating during this time, who did not, want her to keep the baby.

Dash’s son, Austin jumped to his mother defense saying Prophet is lying and doing this just for publicity.  There has been no word yet from Stacey Dash herself in regard to Prophet accusations.

Dash, was married three times and only have two kids with one of her husbands (Christopher Williams), I’m assuming this drama may have been around the time she was in a relationship with one of her soon to be husbands.

Realistically speaking there’s not many men out there that are fine with dating a woman with kids. It’s an even lesser amount that will continue a relationship with a woman who is pregnant by another man. If what Prophet is saying is true, I personally think it’s unfair of him to ask her to put her happiness on hold to satisfy his needs.

Do you think Stacey was wrong for the abortion, or is Ryan

Prophet being dramatic ?

  • Imari W

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