Mya Explains Why She Loves Strip Clubs

Singer Mya, have received some backlash in why she’s always going to strip clubs or performing in them.

Celebrities like Bow Wow and Brooke Bailey have spoken out in the past against her performing in strip clubs.

In a recent interview Mya addressed the why she enjoy strip clubs:

I go to strip clubs specifically to watch how powerful women are, and I’m a person that’s observant of how she carries herself and [believes] women who are not strippers have power, too. I don’t care what walk of life you’re from; women are just naturally sexy and have an essence about them. Fully clothed and not clothed. If everyone breaks down their walls and stops putting themselves on holier than thou pedestals, we can all learn from each other. We all have different stories, different experiences, and different obstacles, so not only do I just watch and study, I also sit down and talk to people—strippers in general—to get their journey and back-story. I share a lot of the same walks and obstacles, and I saw myself relating to a lot of people that might appear broken. I’m always connecting with what society would label the outcasts and the weirdoes and the lost souls. It’s strange, but I’m learning myself just by talking with people.

Personally, I hate New York strip clubs. All the girls look the same (oversize butts and tits), and clap their ass to only trap music. It’s all a gimmick and became extremely boring.

I enjoy going to strip clubs out of state and seeing normal women who do not look like the typical Instagram model, doing tricks on stage and actually performing.

Majority of dancers nowadays, just stand in my spot clapping their ass and expect for you to throw a bulk of money at them.

I agree with everything Mya said, at least she’s honest enough to speak her truth.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think people are too judgmental and there’s a double standard on women in strip clubs?

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