Monica Serves Sexy And Class As UPTOWN Magazine Cover Girl

There’s very few celebrities I follow on instagram. I think I only follow three or four, singer Monica Brown happens to be one of my favorites.

Not only am I a fan of her musically, but I love how positive she is on life, love and her career.

The diva is UPTOWN magazine cover girl and has a spread discussing being labeled as the “underdog”, fashion and her “Miss Thang” moniker.

People wouldn’t really be able to imagine the things I’ve seen and been through…. My talent has always been there, along with the spiritual foundation my mother laid, but there was always another side, a side that belonged to the streets. When my parents divorced, I became two different people.” Monica said in her interview spread in UPTOWN.

Monica goes on to say how she remained one of the top veterans in the game but not comprising her dignity and living by her own rules.

  • Imari W