Money & Violence Season 2!

A year ago, I was watching season one of Money and Violence for the first time since everyone I knew spoke so highly of the series.

I was actually surprised of how good the season was and ended up watching the full 26-episodes within two days.

Most series lack creativity and originality. However, Money and Violence embodies both by showcasing a true life version of the mean streets of Brooklyn, NY.

One of the reasons why this series became such a cult favorite in receiving over 28 million YouTube views and high praise from the entertainment industry, is because the story-line and characters are relatable.

For example, Shiesty Shay reminds me of a close relative of mine I had a physical altercation with once I found out she was sleeping with my boyfriend at that time.

Rafe, reminds me of my uncle Jamie, who is the patriarch of my family and often share stories of his youth in “literally” running the streets of Brooklyn, to install wisdom into my cousins and I.

More importantly, I’m sure all New Yorkers can say they know someone who is like Grimey Tai. I know several people who remind me of this character lol.

Even though season one ended with a bang, the season two trailer definitely looks promising in bringing to light many unanswered questions that left us wanting to know more about these characters.

Season 2, will air on Tidal on February 9th and you can watch the trailer here, on Cloud9 TV.

  • Imari W


  1. Money and violence is my shit. I literally watched it like 6 times y’all. I watch it whenever I fell like hearing @rafe spit some real shit to @kane.
    Keep up the good work tm I will be watching and thas on my momma.
    #Live #And #Direct
    #Elmira #NY #StandUp

  2. I didn’t think I was going to get into it. But I did because is real life and how shit goes and happens.. keeping up with the show from now on

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