Money And Violence Season 2!

Yesterday, the entire cast of Money and Violence was decked out in beautiful evenings gowns and well tailored chic suits; looking AMAZING for the premier of season 2!

Fans, family, and friends gathered together with the cast at the one and only 40/40 club in the heart  of New York City to show support to the cast for their big night.

The first episode was air on Tidal and at the premier.

What are your thoughts on episode one?

  • Imari W


  1. Urban young gangster’s showing you how the street’s was in the early 70’s 80’s 90’s only with a meaner twist to it. Real dude’s show up and support the show. I say this with conviction’s this is some true to life street level, outlaw bang bang

  2. All I have to say is when is season 3 pop’n off…. By far one of the illest underground hood movies I’ve ever seen in a long time, but with the craziest turn of events. As many episodes as there are, should be on season 4 by now. I just binged watch both season in like 3 days son on Hulu, bought both season to show support….

    ChiTown Support The #MoneyAndViolence Movement

  3. I made a mistake on my last comment and said I watched on Hulu… wrong network…. I meant to say on Amazing… 1000 pardons.

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