Love and Hip Hop Star Mendeeces Harris Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison

With the new edition of Love and Hip New York returning in two weeks, reality TV will soon be losing one of their favorite characters. Mendeeces Harris, was sentenced yesterday in Rochester, NY to eight years in prison for a drug trafficking he pleaded guilty to back in April. Mendeeces, can end up serving a minimal of six years with good behavior.

After serving a year in prison, Mendeeces was finally released on $600,000 bail an agreement that allowed him to pay restitution through paid appearances and earnings.

Yandy, took social media to express her appreciation to those that sincerely supported her family through this rough time and to inform the world that they have been preparing for this day for a while; “we finally have closure and are prepared and ready for all the future holds. God and love always prevails.

Mendeeces, followed in his wife footsteps and by making no excuses for the terrible decisions he made in the past and to encourage young men to not follow in his footsteps. “I want you all to understand something. I completely accept responsibility for all that is going on. My transition to be a better person a productive person started well before this case. However in my past I made some bad decisions. Young men let my life be an example to you now before it’s too late.

I respect Mendeeces for what he said. Especially, since most people, who do the crime make excuses in doing the time. My heart goes out to him and his family, especially his children.

  • Imari W

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