Lottery Winner Murdered In GA

Back in November, 20-year old Craigory Burch won the $434,272 jackpot from the Georgia lottery’s Fantasy 5. On January 21, Burch’s life was cut short during a home invasion. According to several reports, three masked robbers broke into his home and demanded his wallet as well as his money. Burch gave them his pants that way they could get his wallet, but the gunmen still shot and killed him.

At the time, Burch’s girlfriend was in the home with children, when she ran for help after the attack. She told the local news stations that Burch pleaded with the gunmen asking them to not kill him in front of his kids. He even told them that he would give up his bankcard. They still shot anyway. As of now, the police are still searching for the suspects.

Shantaye B. 

Source: NY Daily News

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