Lost 3 Stars But Gained 3 Angels

The saying, “death comes in three’s” is true this week.

Actress Doris Roberts passed away due to natural causes on April 17 (90). Roberts was mostly well-known for her role on the former hit show Everybody Loves Raymond.

Former professional wrestler, reality and porn star Joan ‘Chyna’ Laurer (46) was found dead yesterday at her Los Angelos home. The cause of her death is still being investigated

Today, singer and musician Prince (57) was found today at his Paisley Park Studios. The cause of death is related to an unknown illness he have been fighting for a while. A few days ago Prince was admitted to the hospital due to a severe flu. There is no news of whether or not if its related to his cause of death.

Prince death hit me the harde. Prince, was one of those artists that you always expected to be around forever making dope music. I fell in love with Prince after hearing Dove’s Cry and watching Purple Rain.

Nevertheless, despite the world grieving the death of three great stars, Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner posted selfies of them ending their beef. People are pissed and accusing the two of being obnoxious and selfish shortly after it was announced that Prince has died.

Our condolences goes out to their families. What are some of your favorite Prince songs?

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