Lil Kim May Be Loosing Her Mansion

Lil’ Kim may be on the verge of losing her New Jersey mansion to foreclosure. According to sources, court documents showed that HSBC bank requested full possession of the home as well as legal costs and damages.

It was reported that Kimberly Jones defaulted on payments that go all the way back to 2009. If she chooses not to comply, it will lead to the home being auctioned off at a sheriff’s sale.

Back in 2002, Jones bought the home for $2.2 million and agreed to pay nearly $10,000 a month.

HSBC sued Jones in 2010 after missing multiple payments.

What’s going to happen? I would love to actually see the documents from HSBC which I know I may never see.

I hope everything works out and if she does loose her home, hopefully the new one is better than her last.


-Shantaye B.

IG: @tayebailey_

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