Kodak Black’s Arrest Update

On Thursday (April 21), upcoming South Florida rapper Kodak Black was arrested in Hallandale Beach. Kodak Black, who is only 18, along with a passenger were parked at a building known for drug dealing, according to Hallandale Police.

Authorities said that the passenger, Wisdom Williams, handed cash to two males and in exchange, received a large bag “with a green, leafy substance” which later they confirmed to be marijuana.

When the officers approached the car, Kodak Black drove off and refused to pull over, running a red light while going 60 miles per hour in a 30 mph zone.

Once the chase ended, police later caught up with Kodak Black and Williams parked in front of a house in Hollywood. According to police, Kodak Black threw what appeared to be a black gun into the dumpster. Police later recovered the loaded and fully functional glock 23 .40 caliber pistol from that same dumpster.

With the two men refusing to cooperate with police, they were later taken to headquarters for further questioning where police discovered Kodak Black is a convicted felon who previously pleaded guilty to attempted robbery with a weapon back in 2012.

Kodak Black is now charged with weapon or ammunition possession by a convicted felon, in addition to marijuana possession, several traffic violations and eluding an officer.

He was ordered to be held on more than $5,000 bond which he has since posted and has released.

I don’t agree with anything that Kodak Black did, of course not. All I know is that I actually enjoy and like his music and hope that he can just get it together so he can continue to make this music and make this money. SKRT SKRT!

Shantaye B./IG:@tayebailey_