Keep Draya Name Out Your Mouth!

Draya, is tired of people accusing Gilbert Arenas of being the father of her thirteen year old son, Knicko.

A few months ago, accusations was made that Gilbert Arenas and Draya messed around behind his then wife, Laura Govan back.

Arenas and Draya both denied ludicrous rumors. Also, as much as Arenas despises his ex-wife Laura, and I’m sure he would have loved to use any ammunition to get under her skin; he even shut the rumors down saying him and Draya never had an intimate relationship and was only associates.

In Draya’s defense, I remember back when she first came on VH1 Basketball Wives, she always said the father of her child has a regular job as a barber and have never given her a penny for child support, which is something she managed to get over.

Williams is currently on a new reality show, The Next 15, along with Govan and had a lot to say about Draya and Arenas “allege love child.

Draya clap back, by suggesting for them to find a new way to extend their next 15 minutes of fame and to keep her and her kid out of their drama.

I completely understand where Draya is coming from. Kids should always be kept out of adult beef. I don’t know why, so many people feel it is necessary to drag innocent bystanders into their nonsense.


  • Imari W

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