Karrine Steffans Blasts Cheating Husband!

Three months ago, former video vixen turned New York Times best selling author Karrine Steffans and actor/singer Columbus Short announced they were happily in love and married.

The news came as a shock since the two seemed like an unlikely pair and even nick named themselves, The Shorts.

Happily ever after came to an end when Karrine blasted Columbus for his sleeping with two women. Based on the accusations, it looks like Karrine may have known the women.




The real tea is, people are calling Karrine out for her past in sleeping with married men. Some women feels it is hypocritical for Karrine to blast Columbus for being a cheater when she was once the woman, men was cheating with.


Do you think Karrine should forgive Columbus due to her past mistakes or move on?

  • Imari W
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