Kanye VS Deadmau5

I don’t know what gotten into Kanye lately, but this year is the most I’ve seen him clap back at people on social media, Twitter in particular.

Kanye is currently feuding with dance music producer Deadmau5 and things are getting pretty ugly between them. It all started when Kanye posted a screenshot him listening to Sufjan Stevens latest album on YouTube, which also contained an image of Piracy Bay that allows you download music illegally.

Kanye argued that it was a joke to point out the piracy of his new album, The Life of Pablo and said he will never degrade himself by actually owning a computer. I guess he’s only into macs -__-

Either way, Deadmau5 was not convinced or impressed and called Kanye out on illegally downloading music.

Of course, Kanye being his charming self, couldn’t let Deadmau5 slide with his remarks:


kanye and mouse

It doesn’t seem like either of them are ¬†backing down any time soon.

The mouse head is Deadmau5 signature look, am I the only one curious to see if whether or not he will wear the head to North’s birthday party?

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