K. Michelle Makes Peace With Memphitz

Last week, K. Michelle and Toya Wrighth had a very nasty feud that played out on Instagram.

I swear, social media captures some of the best celebrity arguments.

Anyway, K. Michelle called Toya “stupid” for sticking by Memphitz after it was revealed that he was a liar, cheater and abusive,when she was promoting her new book, “How To Lose A Husband.”

For years, K. Michelle spoke out on the abuse she went through with Memphitz and him stealing money from her.

Many people, accused K.Michelle of being a liar and bitter., including some of her cast mates from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

For those of you who don’t know, Memphitz, is the ex boyfriend of K. Michelle and now the current ex husband of Toya.

Today, K. Michelle posted on her Instagram page that she personally spoke to Memphitz to end their public feud.

As a woman, I know how it feels to resent someone who hurt you and at times it is hard to move on. I think it shows growth mentally and emotionally when you are finally able to forgive someone for all the wrong they done to you.

K. Michelle said even though she has finally forgiven him, she is slowly working on forgiving “others” who had doubted her story.

Either way, I commend her bravery and wish her nothing but the best.

What are your thoughts on this?

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