Joey or Troy?

This whole back and forth with Troy Ave and Joey Badass has been crazy. “With the 80/20 split do the math, my nigga Kirk Knight just outsold Troy Ave.” That’s what Joey said on his latest single “Ready.”

It went from that to Troy responding to Joey on a diss track, adding negative things about the deceased Capital Steez. Way to go Troy. Whatever problems you may have with Joey, that’s cool but bringing someone who has passed away in it and on top of that saying that he can “burn in hell.” How much lower does it get than that?

A lot of people were not supportive of Troy or happy about what he wrote. He even took to instagram and wrote: “When ya homies kill they self they sucks forever it speaks ya character and company you keep. Weirdo shit. Never commit suicide ya’ll it’s not the answer. GOD is great.” 

REALLY TOUGH? All of that was so uncalled for. That is disrespectful to Pro Era’s fans, Capital Steez fans, Steez’s family and people who have lost a friend or loved one to suicide. I guess people have different views on what’s right and what’s wrong.

So far the only thing I have seen Joey post since Troy made all his comments is the above image. Take a look at what someone did to his Wikipedia by the way. And tell me, whose side? Troy or Joey???


Shantaye B. / @tayebailey_


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