Instagram: Friend or Foe?

I woke up this morning PISSED about the new Instagram updates. The notification’s part I didn’t really care because I only skim through my news feed anyway. But I was beyond pissed that this so-called up date, prevented me from logging out of my account.

LOL, I literally can’t log out of my Instagram account to login to my other accounts… smh.

According to Mirror, Instagram is currently investigating the “log out bug” issue and hopefully will have it fixed soon.Until then, you can only log out of Instagram from your on your mobile or desktop browser.

Anyway, you always hear about these allege “drastic” changes Instagram claims it will make and to the majority of social media junkies, it felt like the end of the world.

One of the changes is, photos will appear in chronological order; users are being asked to turn on their notifications so their updates aren’t lost to the new update. The new updated basically means, every time someone post, you will receive a notification that is equivalent to receiving a text message every 5 seconds.

Annoying right?

“I hate this new update Instagram is slowly trying to introduce…If it’s not broke, don’t fix it – I don’t really understand it and there has to be another motive because you follow people for a reason.” Kylie Jenner said in reference to the new update.

We are already lived in a self-adsorb world where people are more interested in the “latest tea” on Instagram than real issues. Turning on your notifications is just another way for your phone to be ringing off the hook over selfies, memes, food pics, and a million and one irrelevant things  egotistical people posts.

What are your thoughts on the new update?

  • Imari W
  • IG: iam_imari88