Heather Sanders Brings Newborn To Concert!

Heather Sander is getting dragged and I literally mean DRAGGED for filth by fans on Instagram after posting a video of her at Tyga’s concert with her newborn baby.

Fans are criticizing her lack of parenting skills and poor decision making by bringing her baby to a concert.

Heather clapped back at fans saying, she has two babysitters at home she could have used if she wanted to and it was both her and her baby father decision to bring their baby to the concert.

There is way too much activities that goes on at concerts, you have people drinking, smoking weed and other recreational drugs, and risks of fights breaking out.

In my opinion, a rap concert is not the type of environment to have a baby let alone a toddler. My patience is thin, I will go to 99-100 real quick if anyone did anything to my child.

Do you think Heather was wrong for bringing her baby to the concert?

  • Imari W
  • IG: iam_imari88