Gonorrhea May Soon Become Untreatable!

According to the Center for Disease Control, approximately 820,000 people contract new gonorrheal infections a year within the United States between the ages of 15-24. New studies have shown that a new strain of gonorrhea is becoming rapidly resistant to antibiotics.

Antibiotics are used to either treat or prevent bacterial infection. There are two type of antibiotics used to treat gonorrhea, when taken properly they can kill the bacteria. However, over time the bacteria has grown resistant to one of the antibiotics.

Antibiotics were only discovered by people. They were actually invented by bacteria. … They’ve been using these weapons to kill each other for 2 billion years. And so they’ve created defense mechanisms,” a spokesman for the Infectious Diseases Society of America.

In the United Kingdom, an outbreak of a strain of gonorrhea has already become resistant to one of the antibiotics and doctors fear it may be the dominant one.

Studies are still being conducted, however we urge everyone to practice safe sex and get treated. There are far worst infections/diseases you can catch by making bad choices.

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