Girl Drama Gone Totally Wrong

This is why people are against leaving their house and having friends sometimes I swear. You have to be careful of who you consider your friend. According to the NY POST, Ashleigh Wade is accused of killing her pregnant friend Angelikque Sutton and taking her baby from her womb. HUH? Wade who is only 22, is now facing murder and manslaughter charges after allegedly stabbing a brutally butchering her own friend inside of her Bronx apartment. Wade wanted a baby so bad that she was willing to kill her friend to get one. Sources say that Wade lied to family and friends’ telling them that she was also pregnant. She had everyone fooled. I’m guessing this was her plan the whole time. Her defense was; Sutton started a fight with her first and to save the baby, she cut her open and performed a C-Section that way the baby would live. I’m sure she knows that no one will ever believe her. Watch who you call your friends.

Blogged By Shantaye Bailey

Above Photo: Ashleigh Wade (left)  Angelikque Sutton (right)


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