Free The Nipple!

One thing I can say about Amber Rose is that she knows how to capture everyone attention.

Rose posted a picture on her Twitter to promote this year #slutwalk:




I had to put a snow flake over the nipple but for all the freaks out there, the unedited version is on her Twitter page.

Anyway, for those of you who don’t know, a #slutwalk is a protest of marches to bring awareness to victim blaming, “slut shaming”, explaining or excusing rape by referring to any “aspect of a woman’s appearance.”

Basically meaning, if a woman wants to walk outside naked to take her trash out that doesn’t give anyone the right to rape her.

Rose, #slutwalk not only brings awareness to rape, but she also speak out against women being called a “slut” or “thot” by how a woman dress or how many men a woman’s sleeps with.

A lot of people are against Rose #slutwalk campaign arguing if a woman doesn’t want to be put at risk of being rape or accused of being a “slut” she shouldn’t carry herself in such a provocative manner.

To a certain extent I agree, I don’t think naked selfies or pics of nipples is the right tool to use to bring awareness to rape. I think that just makes a mockery of such a sensitive subject.

However, what a woman wears doesn’t not deter her from being rape. A woman can be dressed as a nun and still be attacked.

Furthermore, who a woman sleep with in the privacy of her home is her business and no one else’s.

What are the thoughts of Amber Rose #slutwalk?

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