Food Poisoning At New York Shake Shack?

It’s recently been discovered that New York well-known burger joint, Shake Shack may be shut down due to food poisoning.

Stories like this, make me glad to be a vegetarian and to cook my own meals.

Anyway, the East 86th street and Lexington Ave location have received up to 11 complaints, totaling 3,200; which is more than any New York city restaurant last year.

Shake Shack has also received complaints from their other locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Spokesperson for Shake Shack, Edwin Bragg stated that the company suspected a former employee making false complaints after being terminated.

However, several customers have come forward in complaining of having fever chills and severe stomach cramps after eating from Shake Shack.

Health Department inspectors looked into the complaints, but the majority of the investigations was closed due to lack of evidence.

Will you still eat at Shake Shack?

  • Imari W
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