Fetty Wap’s Baby Drama

I’m sure people are wondering if Fettty Wap is really the father of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star, Masika Kalysha’s baby. She says that she is pregnant with his child but in a recent interview with The Shade Room, Fetty Wap said that he congratulates her and whoever the father is. I mean correct me if I’m wrong but no one who thinks that there is at least a slight chance of them being the father of someone’s unborn child would say that.

Fetty explained during the interview: Basically, she knew what she was doing, I wasn’t just no random dude in the club, you know what I’m saying? She knew I was going to be there, and that’s how that happened.” “We talked about certain sh*t that was supposed to happen and I guess she went around it.” “That’s how I knew it was all planned out. This sh*t wasn’t no we supposed to be together. I was out. Once I left, I went right back to my regular life.”

Once Masika heard what Fetty said during his interview, she took to twitter; “That b**** was better off keeping his mouth shut. No real man speaks negative about the woman he got pregnant on purpose against her will..” She says that he will just have to learn the hard way.

So not only is he saying that the baby isn’t his, were now finding out that he possibly forced her to allow him to get her pregnant? That’s some serious s*** right there. I hope that proves later on to not be true. If he is the father then I wish them the best of luck because they definitely got to get to together.

What do you guys think about this situation? You think Maury would love to have them on his show?

Source: VIBE Magazine

Shantaye B. 

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