Ex Oklahoma Cop Sentenced To 263 Years in Prison For Sexual Assaulting Black Women!

Ex Oklahoma cop, Daniel Holtzclaw was sentenced today to 263 years in prison for a series of sexual assaults on African-American women; which consisted of 18 counts of first-degree rape, forcible oral sodomy, sexual battery, procuring lewd exhibition and second degree rape.

For over six months, Holtzclaw preyed on African-American women in one of Oklahoma City poorest high risk neighborhoods. He selected this neighborhood in particular, assuming that claims made against him for his crimes will not be taken seriously due to the neighborhood drug and prostitution records.

All the women were victims, from the 17-year old teenager to the 57-year old grandmother. This is a statement for 400 years of racism, oppression and sexual assault of black women; a statement of victory not only for the ‘OKC 13,’ but for so many unknown women.” Said by Attorney Benjamin Crump.

One of Holtzclaw victims, was a grandmother of 12, and said he pulled her over accusing her of drunk driving.  Once he told her to step out of the car, he forced her to perform oral sex on him.

Another one of his victims who testify at his sentencing, was a 24-year old young woman who was strapped to a hospital bed due to being intoxicated. She was to remain there until she sober up, but little did she know she will be rape by Holtzclaw that very night.

Holtzclaw attorneys tried to get a new trial, but the judge denied the request.

I strongly believe that not all police officers are bad and do not abuse their authority to harm innocent men, women and children.

Justice may not have been served for Trayvon Martin and others who died innocently, but as a young black woman I am grateful that justice was on our side today.


  • Imari W

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