Erica Mena and Bow Wow are officially Done!

Despite Erica Mena and Shad Moss (Bow Wow) shutting down rumors of their breakup last week, yesterday the couple confirmed their split via social media. Allegedly, it had to do with Moss baby mother Joie Chavis. The drama that is brewing between this love triangle have become very messy.

Mena, posted videos on snap chat saying she will consider speed dating and made allegations that Moss is a women’s beater. Moss, been posting subliminal messages on Chavis page, hinting that they are back together. On the other hand, Chavis confirmed that she and Moss are not together and he has never laid a finger on her.

Neither parties, have said anything further in regard to breakup, but they both seem content with the outcome.

In my opinion, it looked like Moss started the drama by posting Chavis on his page and writing flirtatious comments underneath her pic. I never understood why men boastfully showcase them with another woman, so quickly after a breakup. Not sure if it’s a defense mechanism they used to cover their true feelings or they really don’t give a damn.

What are your thoughts on people conveying their relationship drama to social media?

  • Imari W

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