Donnell Rawling Diner Brawl!

Funny man and former “Chappelle Show” star, Donnell Rawling was in a diner brawl over an allege unpaid $12 bill.

The incident took place at Little Pete’s in Philly, apparently Rawling was walking out the restaurant for a smoke break and the waitress came chasing after him accusing of Rawling of ‘dine and dash.’

According to Rawling, the waitress never gave him a chance to pay. The waitress argues differently, saying Rawling appeared drunk and told her he had no intentions of paying the bill.

Rawling wife, former Bad Girl’s Club, Stephanie George posted on her Instagram page that the staff at Little Pete’s was racist and disrespectful towards her husband; which is the real reason why an altercation broke out.

The cops was called to the restaurant after a fight broke out. After all the drama, Rawling still paid the $12 bill and tipped the waitress $60.00.

Do you think Rawling should have still tipped the waitress after all that happened?

  • Imari W
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