Did Hazel E and Moniece Shade Jhonni Blaze?





Jhonni Blaze recently took a pic with Hazel E ex, Katt Williams. Shortly after the video surfaced, Hazel E posted a video sending indirect shots.

Things turned ugly between the two when Jhonni accused Hazel E of throwing shade in the video when Moniece Slaughter commented in regard to it.





Jhonni, continued to say that the reason Hazel E is throwing shots at her is because Katt gave her a 45k diamond ring. According to Jhonni, the transaction was a gift and she reiterated that her and Katt never had sexual relations. Furthermore, she expected more from Hazel since she thought they were friends.

Well Hazel E was not here for the comebacks, and clap back at Jhonni by calling her out on being homeless, a former prostitute and stripper, among other things.

One thing I can say about Jhonni, is that she always been open about her past struggles. She spoke out on it on several occasions, so Hazel E clap back was a fail lol.

What are your thoughts on this?

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