Dennis Hof Says He Will Allow Lamar To Come Back To Bunny Ranch!

Bunny Ranch owner, Dennis Hof recently spoke with TMZ saying he will let Lamar Odom come back to the ranch.

According to Hof, sex and drugs wasn’t Odom issue, it was the drugs.

Hof has a strict NO DRUGS policy at his place and believes some good ole Remy Martin and women companionship will be good for Odom.

First two nights and 2 girls are on me…. PLUS all the Remy Martin he can drink.” Hof said.

Hof promised he will shut down all cameras and collect all phones to ensured Odom will have privacy.

People are already against Hof offer since this is the same place Odom overdosed on drugs and almost died.

In regards to people’s negative opinions, Hof believes Odom will be in good hands, “Don’t forget, the people who work here are the one’s who saved his life. We truly care about him.

The verdict is still out on if Odom life was genuinely saved to prevent a lawsuit on his hands or if they really did care about him.

What are your thoughts on this ?

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