“Cookie” Wins Golden Globe Award

From the day “Empire” aired on Fox, there has been chitter chatter about it. People don’t like this people don’t like that. The actors are this the actors are that. One talent that the viewers should have nothing to say about is the beautiful and talented Taraji P. Henson. I guess that’s why she won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama TV series. Her role as Cookie on Empire is beyond what viewers probably expected.

During her speech Taraji mentioned that she thought she would have gotten the award for previous roles that were more uplifting but instead was standing at the podium accepting a Golden Globe award for a character who spent 17 years in jail for selling crack.

You could have been a drug addict Taraji; you would have been the fiercest recovering prostitute on TV. You deserve it girl.

Shantaye B. 

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